Drown me in your Sorrow

Written by: Rebecca Larkin

Drown me in your sorrow
For words can bring no ease to this pain 
Let me catch the tears you swallow
I will show you the power of the rain
I don’t want the fake silence, I don’t want you buried deep inside yourself screaming
Thrust your pain, and darkness upon me, allow your light to shine
I will bury myself in your darkness, so you can finally stop dreaming
Of the peace you so desperately ache for, and finally feel the sunshine
Let go of the fear you hold within, allow me to remove it from you
Spread your wings, take flight, let yourself embrace the feeling of finally being free
Steal yourself away, my friend, and do all that you can do
Steal yourself away my friend, and be all that you can be
‘Cause no matter what I will always wish to be there for you
To help lift you back into the sky, when the clouds threaten to push you back down
I will always be on the lookout for you
And make sure you never wear a frown
Your happiness is all I want, yesterday, today…always and tomorrow
So drown me in your sorrow, drown me in your sorrow