A Home Forgotten

Written by: Broken Wings

Warm yellow stone bricks, a palace to the viewer Columns and facades in swirling and dazzling designs Classical architecture, intricate carvings on the front door A treasure, an exotic fantasy, a dream . . . Ornate chandeliers of leaded glass crystal Sparkling fabulously and twinkling in a ballroom Used for countless costume balls with orchestra's, surely Some said it was haunted . . . It stood vacant and alone for years Gone to waste and ruin and tumbling down Leaves blowing in under it's ornate front door A beautiful home forgotten . . . Walking by, I see a sign "to be demolished. . " For some reason that made me sad and lonely What of the families that once lived there, I wonder For sure they are long dead . . . September 6, 2012 Verse Submitted to the contest, A Home