Soundly He Sleeps


Soundly He Sleeps

His mother taught him how to be a good provider
I haven't met anyone else kinder
He has always worked hard, leaving his body in pain
Day in, day out, he never complains

He is such a good husband, I am so lucky
I love you everyday, spoken so easily
Hugs and kisses given to our daughters
To them dad has all the answers

A man to him needs to stand up and be responsible
Fights for what he believes, he is unstoppable
His only worry is that he can never do enough
I ease his mind, he doesn't always have to be so tough

Evening comes, he sleeps so soundly
Starring at his face he is resting peacefully
All I can wish is that his hopes and dreams come true
Do everything possible to help because I love you

Written by: Debra Falgout
September 15th, 2012