Bitter Tears

Written by: Sherry Asbury

Empty Plains

Oh, love why hast thou
flown past me on bitter wings.
Why hast thy touch brought
nothing but anxious stings...

You tell me to give 
my heart and try once again,
yet you keep me prisoner,
though I have not one sin.

I reach out only
one tiny bit, then withdraw
into that sacred sanctuary where
no wound can be rubbed raw.

Courage fails me,
clutches my being in its claws.
No look, no gesture is there
that comes without pause.

Loneliness abounds here,
my pillow wet with tears,
my mind twisted in agony
as I contemplate my fears.

Perhaps my nights shall
always be cold and barren plains...
a tundra where no life prevails
and no bit of sanity remains.