Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

 It may be the common one, but they still scare the be-jeepers out of me.
I can’t sit in a room where - I think a spider may be.
I often see their footprints where they’ve walked across the floor
And when they take their boots off you won’t see me about no more.

They say kill a spider is to save a thousand flies
That a load of rubbish I hope you realise…
Remove a spider you remove the fear, flies are just a pest
They don’t have great gnashing teeth nor do they have 8 legs,

My spider senses tingle, my radar fixes on
I know when a spider is about even if-you can’t see one
They wander round in great big boots as if they own the place
All I can do is scream and run with a pillow over my face

I need a man to get them and chase them out each day
My blood pressure can’t take the strain, I nearly faint away
So if you’re not scared of spiders you are the man for me
Just come right in on your white horse and chase them out so gallantly...

~GG~ 4/09/2012