Rape, An Indignity To Womanhood

Written by: Ingibo Benson

R ita was deflowered
A gainst her will. Ravished. Her
P light, a torture, that
E nsued a trauma

I t is a degrading abomination to
S exual assault a women

A manifestation of madness. For
N o rational man shall intend this atrocity

I t is despicable and selfish to rape
N o to rape! It's our plea
D iscontinue sexual assault
I t is a foe of a happy womanhood
G uardians, and parents, do
N ot assault your wards and off springs
I t is an indignity to woman hood
T reat women with worthiness
Y earningly, we reiterate

T ime records myriad cases
O f sexual assault

W hen shall it go extinct?
O r die for eternity?
M any a women
A re with a trauma
N ote,
H ousing headaches and fear 
O h, Alas!
O h! The pain, how
D espicable rape is!