Empty Promises

Written by: Rebecca Larkin

Your promises hold no meaning Like old, brittle plastic they fall apart easily I held onto them once, long ago But now they have become nothing Dead and meaningless The words reverberating through my head I want so desperately to hold onto the belief-the hope-that you’ll hold true But you never do And like a fool, I never make you I never hold you to your word But I do not believe it anymore Your promises mean nothing Your promises contain nothing They do not come like a promise should They do not hold, the fall and break, like abandoned buildings Left without the care they so desperately need Left, alone, to be forgot Left, to rot Your promises…are not promises Because you just forget You always forget But I never do I hold on to each and every one With a false, dying hope, that maybe…you’ll remember Just one, remember just one It’s all I’d need to restore my belief in you But you continue to make dead promises Never holding up to what you say Never Never All I ever get are empty promises