I miss you

Written by: Asante Indira

I'm churning milk out of butter
but with you I curdle
Cuddled and rolled into corners
because there is a space here that hits
me in the center of my chest
I'm losing breath
counting down to when it'll be me in your presence
This place here for you
I find a darkness and a tomb of your efforts
but I am back expecting to start where we finished
so I can get rest

I want to inhale your purchased new scent
and listen to stories
I want to be filled off of your company
so I skip meals until you're gone
and I find myself hungry
 I want to pretend, want to pretend
that I'm not listening, that these moments
are meant only to take up time
Want to watch you adjust your load so you can carry mine

And what can I say when you ask of my tries?
That I've answered?
How can you measure my affection
when it's what I'm too scared to lose?
Come fill this spot here
before my body collapses without the support
I need your figure, height looming over me

And now in some room your concentrated on
things that don't concern me
when everything I am concerns you
I don't know how I hide it so well
don't know where I tuck it
but I know the silence in this room 
is beating into my drums and I want you 
to stop it