Let me have it then kiss my petunia


Love and Hate Relationship

You are so good at pushing that wrong button
You had my blood pressure boiling all of a sudden
How can you be so sarcastic
Your behavior can be so darn drastic
You start a fight and then you run away and leave
Turning your words around, misconceived
The tears you cry are nothing but fake
All is for yourself, you slithery snake
Then you send flowers, to make yourself look good
Always trying to get away with things, if you could you would

The words you speak, smooth as a poet
You know how to get your way, and you know it
You have a way about you, I melt like butter
Your one of a kind, unlike no other
Your skin so shiny, like a begonia
Your kisses are sweet, your my petunia
You protect your heart, but you give your soul
Your very good at damage control
Your tears flow, we melt as one
Your boundaries for a second, forgotton, another day has begun

Contest by: vienna bombardiere
Written by: Debra Falgout
September 5, 2012