Growing up shackled

Written by: Irfana Ali Bhat

Growing up has been a shame…..
Growing up never gave her wings……
Her ideas never got that flight……
‘cause they held her so tight…….
‘Who she was ???
They never wanted to understand…
‘Who she wanted to be’???
was none of their concern…..
They have given birth to her
So she was  their pet-A caged bird…
They fed, clothed and educated her…
but never showed their love to her
Ever trying to mould her
in the cast of their aims for her	
to fulfill their own dreams…
Shackled in their thoughts
She wonders whether she  will ever be free…..
They never give her an ear
Never trusted her
Nothing they did was fair
Those looks just gave her jitters
those looks of distrust
In seclusion she wails
Where shall she go??
With whom shall she share
her agony???
With so many such questions
In her mind
She wanted to  tell her parents..
That she is not a dream
Not a pet
She is a human being
An individual
Just let her be………