The Ocean

Written by: jim joyce

Children race under curtains of sun where  kites fly laced in joyous delight 
Echoes of childhood still remain of melancholy play , forever locked in wistful refrain
As days of bucket and spade pass away
Trapped in endless blue, the sun shines bright, while fleecy clouds turn pure white
Sparkling and clean the waters race,
 side by side to crash on lonely shores reflecting the joy of childish faces
Winds blow , clouds fly as mountains turn in ominous skies
And she stirs as rain blurs the interface of sea and sky
The mountainous waves speak in tones of thundering grace, ask me now for I do not lie
Blackness descends , the winds do howl ,life comes cheaply , she replies
Swept away in a lovers quarrel , the rage kept locked away 
She acts now in magnificent display
Feelings of anger , jealousy and rage
Till at length she calms herself , her fury abated to all things related 
The golden sands once again in mid-day sun 
Rainbows grow in shimmering mists
And still I wait to see what mood exists 
Time is suspended for who knows how long, the seas are calm and pure as glass
And all is normal , feelings of love again at last