Midnight Wandering

Written by: jim joyce

One Saturday I went walking through the deep dark woods at night
It was clear and cool, the stars were out , the moon shone bright 
I came upon a crooked tree , a haunted figure all alone
Twisted and bent ,fingers wide, stretching out to meet the sky
One finger pointing straight ahead  to the old graveyard , It did not lie
The mossy stones faded and washed away , a haunted site , an old forgotten burial plot
 Eerie echoes touched my ears , a deathly scream ,footsteps nearby,  a hounds chilling reply 
 I passed over lifeless sandy  ground forgotten from yesterdays barren  lot
Silence ,sudden and deep moved through the woods as shadows danced and branches creaked 
Panic overwhelmed as a  frightening  cold gripped my soul and I lay frozen, pinned to the ground
I can  not move nor can I try to rise from this deathly  spot of earth
Paralyzed by blinding fear, I felt another  presence, foul and  evil with no life there in front of me
Stalking my mind , clutching my soul .and I can do nothing but wait and see it take its toll
It saps my strength and drains my soul , it wants to see my vision die
I appeal to my inner self , my comfort  and joy for strength to beat this foul thing 
I felt the love deep within , bursting forth like a pure white light 
Immediately  its power lessened and onward I felt my love 
 It loosened its grip and I arose , determined to beat this demon with all my love 
As I left this area I seemed to hear , a quiet whisper in my ear 
I am still here waiting watching, stalking who ever comes to walk my woods
 I am in your dreams  , I live beyond the great black wall , come look for me if you dare