The Monastery

Written by: jim joyce

The night was black , thunder boomed and lightening cracked
The earth shook with mighty groans as I watched
 And I did moan as the animals headed for home
I walked somberly  thru the night ,  reflections of my soul showed bright 
My soul  reflected the darkest light , the perfect reflection of the night
Something shook, struggling to appear, violence stirred from deep within
Showing the permanent scars from youthful kin
I shook with rage while it did linger until it passed with unflinching lies out thru my fingers 
I sat and cried till all was revoked 
Then I listened to inner thoughts and finally spoke
I  cried unto the heavens amidst my fears and many pleas 
I tried and tried but they didn’t hear, nor cared that I cried 
The layers too deep, the skin too thick and unable to attain 
It was of no use , it was all in vain
To enlighten the darkest moments I hid behind my veils while I got old 
Then fearing at last it was to no avail
I was rewarded with a light , a bright white light , as bright as can prevail
Forty years I did wander , a soul lost in harsh abandon
Reflections did appear spotted with blight ,and dark as in a deep dreadful night 
Perversion , evasion , all the tiny tears cemented the cracks of personal use
Till I could hold no more and asked the heavens to keep me safe , secure in earthly womb
 I cared no longer for the vague twilight
Twice I rose and twice I fell 
Failed beyond measure and all the rest of the jails , till at last love prevailed 
Gone the struggles, gone the pain
Yet sometimes memories still prevailed
A hope, a star shining bright, a pure white burning light 
Seen from afar the beginning ,  the end ,my life, my home 
 I will not rest till I attain the sweet victorious refrain in my poem