moon rises

Written by: jim joyce

In the fall of the golden year 
scudding clouds sometimes conceal my pale face, silent and serene
 then lift revealing big and  bright , orange and eerie 
the moon of harvest fall and Halloween 

 Spring time comes dark and silent ,
I pass quietly thru cool , clear nights
while  flowers bloom and the rains warm the earth
 preparing the fertile soil for my pure white light 

 On warm summer evenings, 
rising huge in the east, all orange and yellow
 I set sail over starry fields and follow the path of the milky way
 feeling young and mellow
 As I float among the cicadas and crickets 
weaving  their magical songs of  harmony and grace 

 In winter I glide brightly thru endless  sparkling diamonds 
 set against the velvet black sky
 creating lovely scenes of frosted fields
 and snow covered  forests 
Sleeping quietly and  peacefully 
while the earth is at rest 

 Thru four seasons I cloak my mother in warmth 
and pale shades of color and light 
 lifting the darkness  and lighting the way 
as I  race swiftly thru the darkest nights