Written by: Maria Paz Samelo

I can still remember,
All the things I did during summer,
At the rice field together with the farmer,
Crops harvested with the grinder.

My friends and I were playing happily,
Under the mountain piles of hay,
Simple hide and seek game,
Everyday it’s all the same.

Rolling like fools on top of the game,
Flying like birds or an airplane,
Full of sweat, clothes so dirty,
Don’t mind if my skin was so itchy.

It’s an unforgettable summer fun indeed,
Climbing on the tree and pretended like monkeys,
No amusement park but full of happiness,
In a place where you can feel the air with its freshness.

*6th Place
*For Craig Cornish's Summer Fun Contest.
*Written by: Maria Paz Samelo
* September 5, 2012