Set free

Written by: Belynda Holst

I've done many things in life I 
cannot change 
I have caused people to go 
through pain 
The only thing I can do is start 
And pray to god to take my 
To have a new start and put 
things right 
Would be a gift from god when 
he shines his light 
I'm willing to change my ways 
And get the help I need 
Only then Can the Demond's 
that surround my mind 
Be totally be set free  
Most days it's hard to stay 
And remember why I'm here 
Then I hear a soft voice that 
It's okay to hurt inside because 
I'm always near 
I feel a slight squeeze on my 
And see a shining light 
I turn to the left and see the 
Disappearing into the night
God turns to me and says now 
you will be right 
I truly believe in what I've been 
I wake in the morning feeling 
like I've crawled out of the hole 
Embracing my new life with 
God right beside me 
I start each morning thanking 
God for setting me free