got to work it out

Written by: Robert Walker

dont  you wish you could just close your eyes and forget what happen today
but somehow life is life and it dont work out that way
your problem dont  just disappear because this is another day 
and even though you are hoping to forget you still have to deal with yesterday

if you did not settle that problem trust me it will still be there
you may think that it happened yesterday and it will seems  as if life just not fair
and it will weigh heavy on your heart so dont try to act as if you dont care
but before you start taking it out on everyone you need to take it the lord in prayer

now i seen this happen to alot of good people who didnt find disclosure
someone just happen to strike that very nerve and they lost all composer
and all that respect that they had trust me it was all over 
  my advice to you is think about what you do for you dont need that type of exsposer