How I Got It Together

Written by: Sheri Fresonke Harper

after Indie Arie's "Get it Together"

Ya gotta just chain one anklet
as memory.
Plait one braid
to hide what you see.
The pain eating straight through
to your soul,
can be bandaged by playing
a role.
Tweet Tweet, I’m light
as a bird.
Slip slide I’ll wash
away dirt.
My friends are laughter and singing
out slow,
all the love I’m too
scared to show.
My ankle is sexy and sleek
where once you thought
it weak.
My will is starting to grow--
I no longer need 
to yell at you.
All I have is a snap
of my fingers,
twirls of skirt 
to lift my heart clear
of the debris you threw 
my way.
Soul singing is the trump
of your fold.
You’re no longer needed
I showed.
After my back straightened
to fly like a bird,
I unbound my hair
and threw away chains.
Looked at the bright new view
my lightened load
has healed.
Slip slide I’m light 
as a bird.
Slip slide you are lost
from my view.
Slip slide I’ve got
twirls of skirt.
Never more will I play
I am third
When I’m first.