Nature Walk

Written by: Phyllis Babcock

Amongst the purple shadows in the early light
Flocks of birds taking ready for flight
Sprinkles of colors and various shades of green
A place that remains untouched and unseen.

Water slowly trickles along the small creek
Where you find pebbles and stones so unique
Overhead the bird of prey with eyes like a hawk
Will gaze over everything that crawls or walks.

The water with it's endless spring flow
A home for water lilies and the fish below
A haven for the birds of prey
A home for the foliage to decay.

Green moss gathers around the trees
Gathering place for moths, wasp and bees
Black ants invade the old tree stumps
While tall crap grass gathers in clumps.

Black- eyed Susan scent hangs strong
Other flowers barren , flowers long gone
Once bright  berries hung, now only a few
Saskatoon, pin-cherries and choke cherries too.

Amongst the purple shadows in the early light
The prairie sunset turns to a soft scented night
I walk along the path by the creek
Finding the solitude that I seek.