An Artist In Love

Written by: tristen temple

Panoramic became the view while death its call
Walls broken and now ruins aneath these feet
What was once tangible or so this seemed
Proved but a breath, transcending their dreams
Anxious spirits with distant eyes
Bought to sell an alibi....
Reminiscing these slivers of light; blue tears
Once upon a time that did shine bright
Breaking them into prisms to splash about
This poetics canvas; vast the cloth vague its borders
Sweeping centres loving brush and cardinal red
Mingled with something ash; dividing lines in certain hues 
That seperate what was from this which is....
Bone white askew the alabasters handle tracing
Her skeletals key unlocking times box; a mirages wake
It seemed amid candlelit scenes in abstract shards 
Scented palettes we see; aside crystal black reflections 
Pirouetting the defining of both you and me; night as day
Ascending these stairs; light, piercing lifes looking glass....

...."An Artist In Love" ~