Written by: olusegun Arowolo

Pastor,I`m tired,I don`t think I can take this 
anymore;it`s not fair to me as a lady.

I`m tired and sick of searching for job that is 
elusive as rain in drought,
I don`t think there is a place for honest and righteous
people in this present world,
I can`t imagine toiling and roving round the 
street for four years with a degree that does nothing;
Take or leave it ,It is nauseating and depressing,
This appalling situation is demoralizing,
Anymore of this can send me into abyss of no return;
It`s not fair for employers to be demanding;
outrageous demands,which are unorthodox to
professionalism,before given employment;
To me, the world has gone upside down,
crazy and cold...
As a lady,I can`t lose my dignity for a piece
of meat which is rightfully mine,
for me to stoop so low and beg to be defiled,

Daughter,I know it`s not easy,please endure,
and have faith,tarry a little while.

I know  that your present situation is tough and annoying,
It`s not easy for a dignified and sincere lady like you
in a lawless,corrupt and egocentric society like ours,
Please,hold on to your faith,don`t lose it
Endure!,for your heavenly father sees all these,
And HE will reward you accordingly and as soon as possible;
Have faith in Him that can destroy and create,
Have faith in Him that detests sin and loves righteousness
Have faith in Him that does not abandon his own,
Have faith in Him that has the key of life and death,
Tarry a little,He will surely surprise you and reward you,
While you are here on the surface of the earth.

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