You Are A Rose In My Bouquet

Written by: Broken Wings

~ When I think of you, I cry and smile, you are such a good friend to me, Linda-Marie. So thoughtful, so warm and compassionate, with you by my side, life has meaning to me. We share so many of life's hardships, no two, were ever so much alike and apart. We are sisters, endless friends, eternally, Like a rose, our friendship slow to start. Then, like the perfect rose it bloomed, it is a beautiful thing of time, like fine art. No matter where life takes us, Linda-Marie, you will always and forever be part of my heart. ~~ When I think of you, I erase miles that separate, yet you are near to me, my mirror reflection. Constantly creative, we share ideas so similar, happiness and joy, you give, my dear heart's protection. Strength and determination, you enhance golden tomorrows, as rose petals intertwine, Constance soothes sorrows and tears. Our collaborations grace many blank pages, true friends, we will remain throughout the years. A gentle voice, a graceful heart, we both suffered thorns, a gifted spirit, who understands my soul. Constance is the essence of a beautiful friend for life, beyond a sister, who has taken my half and made it whole. ~ Written by Constance La France and Linda-Marie, Sweetheart of P.S. For the contest, When I think of you, I (Collab) Sponsored by Tracie ~*~ Indigo Dreamweaver