Well in my dreams

Written by: Rachel Peysakhova

Crumbled memories and shattered dreams,
make these girls spread their wings.
They fly and soar through the sky and sleep on clouds,
falling through them faster than they fell for those boys.
Hover two fingers in the air and built a heart,
Stitch the lies into your mouth and pull the strings of the truth,
toxin swallowing your every single fail.
The glare of the stars I see in my mirror,
they are toxin.
Being pulled far away from the world,
until you are asked that same question.
But with a small show of delight and happiness,
They ask you no more.
Touch all the lights, 
and see a sun when you close your eyes.
Bite your lips,
Bite your nails, 
soar anxiously in your dreams,
but don't fall off the edge of your seat.
A meadow with lollipops, birds, and butterflies.
Dream Dream Dream.
And as i'm thinking "I never want to get out."
I hear the words,
"Wake up."