Written by: Mohini Seejattan

Mothers say their daughters are beautiful.
Are they supposed to?
Is it an unspoken rule?
But, of course,
not all mothers do that,
some say it as it is,
Straight to your face,
''You're fat and overweight,"
and they don't care,
but your feelings are hurt.
They say, "youre ugly,"
bold but its true,
because they do say that,
Some try to get rid of the blemishes,
some try to fix the teeth,
but some just ignore their children.
It is a shame,
how things are changing.
Maybe that's why there's so much suicide,
Girls care too much,
about other people's remarks.
They need to know who to listen to.
And not take all insults to heart.
People may insult you,
but its because they're jealous,
they try to break your self esteem.
But girls these days need to listen to their own heart.
Believe in themselves and their ability,
abaelieve and pray to God,
Because in God anything is possible.