Dragon's Cache

Written by: Debbie Guzzi

Hidden by glasses dark and thick, what color, the eyes that glimmer?
I often wondered at the intellect hidden deep in those orbs.
Wondered at the mystery that laid back head tilt simmers,
what wife, what child, what family, what allegiances absorbed.
His cheeks are full, his brow is high, the classics he's informed,
but where is his better half, his Juliet, his ritual, his core?
He's cashed away the faceted bits within a dragon's hoard.
Will he ever remove his mask, only Ghanesha knows
yet, I know this, he's one fine chap, his kindness's underscored.

The Poet's name is Kash/Cache/cashed all sound the same in Englsh
hope this play on words is ok.