The Wolf Man - My Rebirth

Written by: SillyBilly theKidster

I don't want to sound as if I'm placing myself up on a pedestal, 
but I happen to possess very great wilderness survival skills. 
Drop me naked in the middle of nowhere and I guarantee 
that yours truly will survive more than likely... 
...and that's how yours truly will most likely die, 
deep in this remote wilderness unseen by human eyes, 
Scavengers will immediatly feed upon my earthly remains
providing them with much needed nutrition high in protien. 
Wilderness wildlife will then come upon my skeleton 
as a welcome and rare much needed source of calcium. 
When my earthly shell reaches the final stage of its decomposition, 
what remains will enrich the soil as fertilization, 
whereupon new life will then grow from this fresh enriched earth. 
This won't be my death. This will be my rebirth.
This is an unoficial entry  (or example) for my The Wolf Man contest.