Just please don't leave

Written by: Rachel Peysakhova

I hate the thought of leaving you,
I don't want to leave, I don't want to go. 
Just tie a string onto my hand and don't let me fly away. 
Please don't move on, cause i'm left with one friend,
who nobody sees.
Nobody knows,
That i see her when my eyes are closed.
Please tell me, 
whats so wrong?
Why should I leave? Go, and move on.
Make me dance in the harmony of my heart, 
Treat me like a puppet,
as long as i'm yours.
I'll fly to the moon, and get you a star,
I'll ask for a light,
and burn through the sky.
Give me a reason,
why i should move on.
Pull on my strings, kick me to bones.
Break my heart,
just soothe my cravings,
Just one hug,
and i'll hope you will stay.