Written by: Gale Greenwood

The toils of the day roll away to disappear under some carpet
and a moment is taken of an indulgent fantasy and I so love being interrupted.
It is where you can see my thoughtful smile
and your heart felt laughter is felt mile after mile.
My name appears from across your lips and, echoing though the air,
	it comes to rest under my whimsical care.
and when I taste your honeyed breath, I shiver under the cool breeze
	caressing my cheek.
While gasping outward as you fly by, my knees go awfully weak.

The indulgent moment fades away as the toils again resurface.
I gather my thoughts and, with a lighter step, I move forward with a gladdened purpose.
Distance is never measured in time or space
of rambling thoughts traveling across earth’s loving embrace.
One day, I know, under this sun’s rays, 
	we will meet with a brightness of life.
But, for now, I am content to find you in the light 
	that shines so heavenly upward.
For this is where I gather my joy, my all knowing power and I forever move onward.