Litte Girl

Written by: Rebecca Berezin

Running through the sand
Holding her little hand
Making sandcastles on the beach
Breaking the rules together
Always within her little reach
She cries "Daddy! Don't go!"
Her brown eyes blink away tears
As they still do, after years
She holds her little bear
Climbs onto his back
And says daddy, I wont let you go
Or my little pink bear will attack
She shakes her head
Sheds a tear
And he holds her little hand
Watches her twirl in her princess dress
Leaves footprints on the sand
But they get bigger
The next year her footprints are bigger
But he holds her little hand
Races her barefoot, on the sand
And they create and remake their own special little imaginary land
Daddy's littler girl
Holds her big pink bear
Climbs onto his back
And says "Daddy! Don't go!"
Or my pink bear will never come back
She shakes her little head
Jumps up and down
Spins her little spin
And asks him if they could play fairytale
Because she would let him wear her crown
And she smiles, and turns his frown upside down