Written by: felix gbemudu

Life doesn’t always give us what we want
Hearts get broken
Loss of loved ones
Falling deep into debt
Emotional ups and downs
Life as it’s said is not fair
But please compared to what
Lives messing up other lives
When the darkness sets in
The darkness of despair and depression
Depression that births suicidal thoughts
Thoughts we meditate on
Meditating that leads us to a dark land
The land of take your life and end it all
What a folly
When life throws you lemons
Waste no time make some coo lade
Everyone passes through something
How we react makes the huge difference
Giving up is one
Obeying the devils voice is another
The urge to take your life 
Better still give up on life
Suicide is an option
Not the only option
I chuckle when I see a beautiful cute sweet heart
Swearing to kill her-self because of a heart break
Good men and bad men will always exist
There is nothing new 
That which we see is a repetition of past events
The devil creeps in a subtle manner
All he wants is your mind
To confuse and crush it
Killing your destiny
To steal your joy
And destroy your soul
Draw the curtain and darkness overshadows you
The darkness that dooms a soul
A doomed soul is a lost soul
Situations are not always as bad
It just depends on the angle you are looking from
Open the curtains of life
And allow the rays of hope into your life
Let the faith of a better tomorrow flood your soul
Take the hand of Jesus 
You will find out life is not ended
But a beautiful new chapter just started
Don’t we all deserve and get second, third and a zillion chances to start again
The past and mistakes can be a great spring board
Spring board to a great destiny
Beautiful undiscovered world
A world waiting to be discovered
By the former hopeless
But now hopeful
A wise man was yesterdays fool
You are permitted to laugh at yourself
For life is like a mirror when you frown you get a frown back
But choose to laugh and create a world of laughter
It’s up to you
Nobody loves you more than you
Climb up the cliff of all your failures 
From the cliff take a flight to unimaginable destinations of success
Look back no more
For your place is forward
Destiny is not behind it is in front of you
Don’t ever put a stopper on your dreams
For dreamers are the savers of the world
The world without dreamers is darkness
Change what you need to change
For change is the only constant
There is always space at the top
Get up from the fall of failure
And start a new journey
Journey to that place you have always dreamt of
Everyone can certainly make it
I can or I can’t are both options 
It’s up to you.