Written by: HENRY DATUBO

Suddenly, time takes me back 
back to where I was found 
breaks, summertime and fun 
a time of plenty and green. 
A time when smiles were like true beauty 
and unity was inseparable. 

Like flash it all vanished away 
not even a pause of awareness 
I was left weak and helpless behind, 
like a footprint on the seashore. 
Reflections clouded my thoughts- 
How far ahead is this walk alone? 

But it’s all coming back 
with moments of bliss all around 
Chris is definitely part of it, 
my August is here again. 
Maybe my thanks and prayers have arrived, 
It’s my time to shine again. 

And as only time could tell 
all that happened was for good, 
it’s like a step back and five front 
a new dawn is here again 
although memories of yesterday will always remain, 
that new dawn is here to stay.