Written by: HENRY DATUBO

Life is like a candlestick of colours-
Light and dark as the times that follow us 
Envy and pretence in an evil heart 
That chokes as the sight of a blissful start.

It’s a journey full of misery and myth
When the dearest and closest are confronted with death
But with an ever-flowing tear from a broken heart, 
Memories of them can never depart.

Some people leave traces in our lives 
That though they are gone, they are alive.
There’s always hope when there is tomorrow
Like a legacy bound to follow.

Though times would pass and run like flash
Memories will always remain green and fresh
Knowing that what is meant to be will be
Even in death or life’s flee.

Life is a dream of reality
Which gives everyone the ability
To achieve the desired success
From a journey filled with greatness.

Though we pray for times as better
But those moments will last forever.
And after this life with a sure destiny, 
We will live a life of eternity.