End Of The Old Road

Written by: Romeo Della Valle

The day I stop loving you
Will be the saddest day
Of my now fragmented life!
This day I stop loving you
Will be also the happiest of all
Because you will die within me
And I will be reborn:
A new me without tears,
A new me without fears!

Old fun memories will die
And will be buried along with you
While fun moments will come alive
To enrich my new life full of hope!
Once my heart and tormented mind
Are finally reconciled,
I will happily again smile
When I find the one sweet and kind!

That day I will be blessed
By the Mighty One above
Who will show me the path
That faithfully I must follow!
The path that will lead me to you,
The only one on this Earth
That will give me a real love
For the rest of my life
And now, I must finish this poem
Before I run out of words!

Romeo Della Valle-New York City