My God

Written by: Vesna Kovrlija

My God is shy and generous
He knows the secret of tenderness
Just like my mother
He loves me in strange, unpredictable ways
Just like my father
I gave him my sister`s clumsiness and sincerity
 My brother`s  loud laugh, 
 My grandmother`s dark, wise eyes
He  walks slowly like my grandfather
He resembles my family that
Enlightened the paths of my childhood
He  sings our favorite songs,
Dazzling the universe with their beauty
He listens to me and talks to me
 Sometimes  I interrupt him
But he doesn`t mind
This God is powerful  and confused
This God is weird,  quiet and kind
When I approach him, I am filled up
With love of life
Although  I know that
The sadness will  return again