Letting Go

Written by: Gale Greenwood

My mind is quiet as I walk upon this path
And I am at ease within the mist that flows around me embracing me in its cool grasp.
Gladly I smile as my soul roams freely beyond the thoughts of yesteryears.
For at fifty two I have released into the silence my self proclaimed cheers.

I roam past the Victorian homes that line this walkway.
These homes now lay empty, their windows darkened of the light they once did portray.
As the memories caught in their glass reflections gently fade away,
I let go to the drifting tide the elusive love where he did betray.

Grateful I am to see the windows now darkened.
Yes, grateful I feel to know and understand that I’ve released some past disheartened.
I’ve laid down the torch of so many a heavy a burden.
With understanding, never was I meant to carry another’s heavy laden.

Forever I am free to move gently forward.
While the mist easily parts, it nudges me, pushing me ever onward.
I fly above silent meadows of many a deep reflection.
Filled now with a joyous heart, I am renewed under my own self possession.

Gale Lynne