Hurricane Issac


Hurricane Issac

Oh no, another hurricane on the way 
Have to prepare, do I leave or do I stay

Family members decide what to do
Praying the Lord will see us through

Go get the water, can goods, all the needs
But nothing can prepare you for a hurricane supersedes

Hurrcane Issac, #1, said not to be so bad
How wrong all were, so sad, so sad

The winds so strong, you could not imagine
Back to back, they were just a'comin

The night seemed so long, couldn't wait for it to end
So many thoughts go through the mind, trying to comprehend

Hours passed by, then your in the eye of the storm
All is calm, a little time before all transforms

The beginning, the end seemed like one long big day
One, two, three days slipped away

There is nothing worth losing your life by staying
Take Heed, Leave, I am saying

Pray for all whom the storm overcame
Their memories forever will never be the same

Written by:  Debra Falgout
September 1, 2012