Elvis Memorabillia

Written by: mike dailey

Elvis Memorabilia

Prepare yourself for quite a shock
Coming to the auction block
Undies worn upon the pelvis
Of the now departed Elvis
His daddy Vernon wants to sell them
By their looks you’d hate to smell them
They’re stained, they’re stretched
The dirty drawers soon can be fetched
For a measly 10 K pounds
Or there about is how it sounds
What would you do with Elvis undies
Especially ones like these old grungies
But you can be sure some diehard fans
Will take them off of Vernon’s hands
So if you’re into underpants
This here auction’s your best chance
And at the other end of the scale
His personal Bible will be on sale
I for one would choose the latter
Not the one with Elvis splatter

Mdailey	8/28/12

(Check out a photo of the skivies at RollingStone.com)