Written by: Gale Greenwood

I saw it in the deep river of red,
and goose bumps arose on my flesh.
Stepping in to the cool, cool water,
I sunk deeper surrounded in spirits matter.
Currents took me by the hand
pulling me further across the land.
I came upon this light of blue
rejoicing as away my ego flew
leaving me free to take spirits hand.

I walked with spirit for a long, long while,
relishing the benevolence with my peaceful smile.
He spoke of things that I held within my soul;
A kindness and gentleness was my true goal.
He showed me the truth from his lightness of being
a picture of forgiveness for all living beings.
It was only here that we would find
a pureness of love to carry us during this time.
I thanked spirit gladly then returned back to shore.

Gale Lynne