Space Silence

Written by: Broken Wings

I woke from a deep repose to intense alertness. From the dream. I lay perfectly still listening, to the silence. The room was icy cold. I sighed. The dream, the odyssey into space, the void A tear of fear fell. It had been so real. I had lain on the bed, once more, or was it a bed? The alien, an otherworldly creature bent over me. He touched my face while I twisted and wrenched away. Why could I not see his face? He came and went. He stroked, caressed and fondled my hair. The room was dark, gloomy and gauzy dark, except for one small window where stars glittered. They blazed brilliant while we swirled past, the speed, unfathomable, incomprehensible to me. A destination, into deep space, it seemed. The speed beyond my concept. Somewhere, I could hear low male voices, but could not, distinguish or ascertain the words. Slowly I sat up, and stood. I walked to the only door and opened it. The room was dim and shadowy. One side held machines, and equipment, ticking, pulsing and flashing and the other side, was rows of seats where the aliens sat together talking. The front of the room was a huge window, a window to a strange, weird, fantastic world suffused with blinking, shimmering flashes, of light, vivid and multi-hued and amazing. I walked to the window, my long raven hair grazing the cold, icy floor. Turning I saw, the aliens looking towards me in silence, tall dark silhouettes, unfriendly, stony, uncaring, unfeeling and merciless, or so it seemed . . . Written by Constance La France September 1, 2012 For the contest, Deep Space Odyssey Sponsored by Nathan