Black Gold

Written by: Arild Andresen Ertsland

Through the valleys of fear
Roaring thunder from guns echoes
Squeezes itself out to the open meadows
Floodgates of heaven opens
Watering the wounded soldiers` feverish body
Human bloodshed colors the green grass red

Fighting to get to the Black Gold
Another poor country's back bone broken
Another dictator making a fortune
Who cares if thousands of his own people gets tortured
slaugthered,or beaten to death..?
Mr.Dictator: We`ll keep our mouth shut,if you just give us your Black Gold
My leader sends me out with a gun in my hand
Maybe am lucky enough,to come home in a wheelchair or with a lost sanity
In exchange for shitty oil money..I get post-traumatic stress

My leaders would pay dictators billions of dollars
But due to budget deficit,they wont pay for the healing of my lost body and thoughts
In the name of Freedom and Democray
We will fight to get your Black Gold
My leaders:..You are such a bunch of bullies!

Estimated price spent on Iraq war: $ 3 Trillion..
How many recessions could those figures paid off..?
After paying your war with my health
You return the favor by throwing famillies into yet another recession
My leaders,shame on You..You`re such a bunch of bullies!

September 1st 2012

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