The Velvet Gown

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

~The Velvet Gown~ The fingertips so sensitive running down the velvet gown Running it through the fingers sliding it slowly down Stroking the cloth so soft to reach the softest of skin Tingles running through my spine my breath I’m holding in. A kiss so sensuous on lips warm, moist tongue exploring. Delights the senses and the touch and now the blood is soaring. Tingles through my body as the touch delights my soul I am swimming in the kiss, but to devour it is my goal. Heat rising fast; passion begins to glow Grasping for something not sure of, makes my passion grow. I reach for it and grasp its something now that is real. It subsides leaving me shaking, my desire now to heal. This all encompassing feeling leaves me drained and yet replete Beginning with a gown of velvet, running fingers through so sweet.
  © By: ~GG~ May 2012