Where Is My Mind

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

Where is my mind?

Sometimes sitting quietly thinking
Sometimes whirring, chugging, thoughts.
My mind is here then gone on a journey
Shifts through time but miles traveled - nought.

Where is my mind on a hot summers day
Thinking of winter when it’s too cold to play.
Where is my mind in winter’s dark night?
Back in the summer, wishing for daylight.

Who can control the flitting of minds?
Trying to comprehend our thoughts sometimes
They travel through space and eons of time
They take us to places we never will find...
Sometimes I ask - where is my mind

Floating amongst the clouds, thoughts in space
Looking down at this magnificent earthly place.
How did we get here and what is it for?
Sometimes my mind is a rotating door.
Letting thoughts in then throw some away
Who can tell where my mind is today.
Sometimes I ask where is my mind
Doing daily chores finding life is a bind.
Looking at each new day that is born
Feeling Gods power at the returning dawn.
The heart tugging happenings of each and every day
The evils the good we never can say...
Sometime I ask Where is my mind - today
© ~GG~ 29/07/2012