The Tormented Child

Written by: Joyce Johnson

They found him hanging in a closet.
They found her dead from over-dose.
Some have jumped in the cold river.
Others simply shoot themselves.
They were each a treasured loved one,
their dad and mother’s all in all.
Why then is it they were driven
to this violence on themselves?

Bullied child without defenses
and  there’s nowhere he can turn
where he doesn’t meet tormentors
who are doing it for fun.
Schools should be a safety haven
where no child must walk alone,
but it happens in the class room, 
on the play ground and the bus.

Where did they learn bully behavior
and to speak such hateful words?
The adults that should be teaching
(and it starts in every home)
should make compassion so important 
that its part of every child.
Teachers too, should be observant
if they’re worthy of their names.
Adults teaching by example 
could instill virtues that would end
these thoughtless, cruel  actions
that result in tragedy..