Fire and Rain

Written by: Mario Vitale

Blood soaked drops of resin dew

Into sweat found nothing new
Shadows prance yet something sticks like glue
In battered soil proclaims a dedication

The thrill will seek through both fire & explain
Let me further explain:
One in twain yet marked on its blotted page yet clearly intact
The pain of refusal of sod amidst its wooden axe

In flowers ardent resin twain povides a shade
In temporal cure for pain amidst the flames
As tired as a wretched man I claim we stake to scene
In soaked clothes of leaves soaked in debris

Within timeless cue of sympathy
Shattered beneathe the leaves the falling debris
In fruition a braided skeleton etched in modern art

In reluctance toward the forbidden tree we get ripped apart

For she lit that inner spark to what it was I have been waiting for !