Flushing, Queens

Written by: SillyBilly theKidster

"Where you be from?" he asked of me.
I said, "I'm from here, Flushing, Queens."
"No, where you be born at is what I means." 
he proceeded to then ask of me,
and I replied to he accordingly,
"I was born here in Flushing, Queens."
"Well then where you parents from be?"
he then asked of me,
and I replied, "My parents are also from here in Flushing, Queens."
"Well then where be they born from? At what country?"
he went on to ask of yours truly,
to which I responded most redundantly,
"Both my parents were both born here in Flushing, Queens."
He then said as he looked at me very strangely,
"For somebody who be livin here so long locally,
yo sure does speak very funny."
I guess it's the norm today for somebody
who finds anyone who speaks correct grammatically
and who presents their speech articulately,
would come across to somebody 
as one who speaks very funny.