Eyeless in Wonderland too

Written by: Johnette Loefgren

  Why can't you just be the you that 
doesn't own a star?
the one who has no comet 
to hang on to
out so far?
Everybody loves you 
but you cannot know your  place
flashing off and on again
with neon on your face.
I raised you in the morning,
then I tossed you to the sky
I want you back
the night so black
has fallen in my eye.
I can't come out to find you 
the map has turned to flame
I 'm waiting here behind you
where the angels 
know my name.

Fragile floors of amber
frighten me with secret stores
beneath my feet
I see the ones 
who tried to go before.
Their frozen eyes rebuke me
for sending you to try,
to shatter time
within your rhyme....
you've compromised
the core.

The countdown
chills and thrills me
I shiver and I pray,
will I be there to breathe
the air,
that's left of what 
you say?