The Night Time Show

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

~The Night Time Show~ Another night of sleep eludes me I wander throughout the house I feel like a night time lonely ghost Or an inquisitive little door mouse Into the conservatory where the floor is bright with full moonlight The square patterns moves discernibly tracking minute’s though the night The ghostly white of the bright moonlight blocks out the stars in the sky The air is still, no leaf does shiver a fox peers in and then wanders by A little wood mouse, he’s out late, skips across the patio Why do I complain of not sleeping well when I have this the night time show. A frog sits there and starts to croak then he leaps onto the wall Amazing leap, I am aghast and then I watch him fall In his jaws he has a slug, I'm glad we ran out of killer I think I 'll put the kettle on, the second half is turning into a thriller. ©~GG~ 31/08/2102