I meet God - In My Quiet Place

Written by: Joy Wellington

My quiet place
In the quiet of my bedroom, I sit propped up on pillows and cushions.  
It is here that I am in tune with my God without distractions.
Here we have our one on one communication and personal talks.
I cry unto him about my troubles, about things that I only want Him to hear.
Yes I know he knows all about me, but only as I open myself to Him can he reach me.
You see, God knows us but he doesn’t force himself on us.  He gives us the ability to make choices.
So every time we call on him it is of our own free will.  That’s what he wants from us.
To give of ourselves freely.  Only then we will prove that we love Him without coercion.
The thing to remember though is that He hears us at all times, but he needs for us to have “our time”.
A time away from all our cares, where we can be ourselves.  Open and bare before Him.

God of my life and salvation
I come before you Lord
All that I am and all I have 
To you my praise afford

You gave your life so I can live
Your love of all is best
You are preparing mansions there
Help me through Satan’s test

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