Top Secret

Written by: John Loving III

Sometimes I try to figure out
what is going unsaid
But sometimes with the troubles I have
they are better left unsaid

Should I just give a card
and leave well enough alone
or throw caution into the wind
and break my silent growns

You indeed have found my full attention
and with it comes good intentions
But in all fairness I must first mintion
That a darkness is held over my commision

And what is my commision?

The pursuit of one who showed
a little intrest in me
A friendly conversation
a smile just ment for me

To think of you
I have new hopes
Day and night 
You fill my dreams

But I have to face reality
About the illusive scene
And if my eyes deceived me
Then I beg you please forgive

Burn this note with all my pursuits
find my flatterings of so little use
Please treat me with as little abuse
As one who loved with little excuse