Written by: Susan Gwynne-Galfe

Good morning gray world, already up? NO! Please let me sleep. 
Just a little longer. I’m not ready to face it or go through the feelings of 
a new day. New pain, no satisfaction all over again. 

Time to take the pills so I can survive. That’s one hell of a life. I feel 
alone and sad--Really, no one completely understands what it’s like 
inside my head.

I wish, I wish upon a star to tell me why it’s gone so far? Too far to heal, 
too far to forgive, too far to feel or feel worthy of love. Is it even 
possible? Or am I too far gone? I try to trust but others make me feel 
crazy, not in touch with reality when I share what I feel, "get over it" is 
what I hear. 

Bright, bright let through the sunlight! Just want to wake up and feel 
just right….feel alive, look forward to the day and play!

Yes, a natural high! Happy pills? Not today, no not today. Hurray! That I 
wish and pray, everyday. Face the world on a natural high and not 
wallow in my insanity.

PLEASE God, keep me going everyday so I don’t give up and go array 
and stick around another day!